worsted cloth


18th century: Yorkshire is a well-known textile region. Huddersfield, which has soft water necessary for finishing, is recognized for the quality of its woolen fabrics.

19th century: Looms are mechanized following the industrial revolution. Many mills flourish in Huddersfield.

1904: Messrs Schofield and Smith founded the company,located in Hollin's Mill, Marsh, Huddersfield.

1961: David Franco and his brother Oswald take over the business

Hollins Mill David Franco (2nd to right) and Oswald Franco (right), with Japanese agents, in front of Hollin's Mill.

1974: Clough Road Mill, in Slaithwaite, which has larger premises, is bought.

In January and February 1974, the three-day week is implemented countrywide to conserve electricity, the production of which being limited due to industrial actions by coal miners

At S&S, workers work 3 days in Hollin's Mill, and the 3 following days at Clough Road Mill, thus doubling the possible production. Hollin's Mill is then sold.

The company is thriving during the 70s and the 80s. David Franco is general manager. Oswald opens an office in Argentina, and later in Milan, Italy. Schofield & Smith has one hundred employees, with production of 250.000 meters of fine worsteds a year. Most of the production is exported: in the Far East, Middle East or Europe.

1980: Merchant division Groves & Lindley is incorporated. Final customers, such as tailors, are able to order directly high quality cloths, being sure of their origin. Qualities become increasingly finer. Blends with silk, with mohair or with cashmere are introduced.

Clough Road Mills Clough Road Mills in the 80s

1995: David retires, Oswald Franco becomes general manager.

In the movie Goldeneye, featuring Pierce Brosnan, James Bond is as elegant as ever when wearing a navy suit made from a Schofield & Smith cloth.

2008: The firm moves to Upper Mills, Slaithwaite

Present: A super 150s collection is created.

Ultimate bespoke: Cecchino Fonticoli Brioni's master tailor fits Pierce Brosnan with a suit made from Schofield & Smith cloth

James Bond - 'GoldenEye' (1995)

Best cloth for James Bond

Schofield & Smith has had the privilege to weave the navy cloth worn by James Bond in the movie 'Goldeneye' (in 1995). Thirty suits in total were made by Brioni out of this cloth, while the other suits appearing in this film - a dinner suit and a blue and sand check suit - had also their cloths made in Yorkshire, by William Halstead and Bower Roebuck.

At Schofield & Smith, our wish is that all our customers appreciate the history and tradition present in our fabrics and feel as special and elegant as our secret agent.
James Bond Suit

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